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Fullerton Cardiovascular Medical Group was established in 1971. Since that time doctors remained with the group until retirement. Dr. Daniel Landa, Dr. Frank Bonavita, Dr. Paul Weinstein have been with the group for 23 yrs, 22 yrs and 19 yrs, respectively. Dr. David Weinberg joined in 2001

The group has been serving Fullerton and the surrounding areas for 37 years. The current suite has been designed with your health and lifestyle needs in mind. New patients are always welcome. A knowledgeable and caring staff is readily available for both telephone advice and personal visits. Physicians are available after regular business hours for any emergency situations that arise. We are here to provide you with full service support when you need us the most. We measure our success by exceeding your health care needs.

Today FCMG employs 22 people and we contract with 4 ultrasound technicians for echocardiograms, stress echocardiograms and arterial, venous and carotid doppler studies.. Our cardiologists are on staff at St. Jude Medical Center and Placentia Linda hospital and utilize state of the art cardiac catheterization facilities at St. Jude Medical Center. As we continue to grow, our primary goal is to provide the best quality care available. Patient care is a team effort. To this end, we are indebted to all staff members who assist us in our endeavors.

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